The Global Metering and Smart Grid Market – Report & Database

The Global Metering and Smart Grid Market – Report & Database

Electricity metering continues to evolve and develop not only as a standalone industry in the retail energy sector, but more so as an integrated part of the entire network of Transmission and Distribution systems. From metering taking place at the generator, to the household energy meter, technology is getting smarter and allowing for more than just simple measurement of electricity throughput.

T&D Networks, together with metering, are continuously evolving in both size and nature as they grow to cope with ever-rising demand. In the past, growth was a matter of adding more lines, transformers, and ancillary equipment. Today, the technology of the systems is often able to allow for increased sophistication to substitute physical growth. Metering and communications technology play an ever-growing role in the adaptation and development of these new technologies.

This report and database provide a focused look at metering and smart-grid systems technology within the Electricity Transmission and Distribution industry as smart grid systems become ubiquitous.

Smart technologies are increasingly playing a vital part in the management and operation of Transmission and distribution networks. From household smart-meters to full scale automation systems, the value of smart technologies in the T&D space is ever-increasing. Focusing specifically on the High-Tech segment within the T&D industry, this database includes not only the important sectors to this market segment from the NRG Expert Electricity T&D Database, but also a unique look at the value of the smart grid within the T&D industry annual demand.

The Report provides a valuable historical overview that helps provide forecasts for the future, an analysis of the current T&D market, and of the global Electricity Metering market. Additionally, the report includes the definitions of the sectors used in calculating annual demand, briefings on T&D and Metering companies (including regional market shares) and a description of our methodology.

The Database is the focus of the product, and, as such, presents the 2018 actual and 2019-2023 forecast information of annual demand and capital expenditure for the Electricity Metering, Smart Grid, and Electricity Sub-Metering sectors, as well as the value of the entire Transmission and Distribution sector as a part of the smart grid market. 

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