Global Smart Grid Report

Global Smart Grid Report

Edition 1, 2011

This report looks at the global Smart Grid Report market place now and the predictions for future growth development and change. In recent years the smart grid has gained a lot of column inches as the panacea for problems with the current electric grid system. A grid system designed for the one-way flow of information and electricity from power plants to consumers. Where consumers are billed for electricity usage based on estimates of consumption regardless of the actual usage and according to time of day. This grid is not designed for the integration of large scale intermittent renewable capacity, or for small-scale distributed renewable capacity such as rooftop solar panels and small scale wind turbines. There is a demand for a new grid system to meet the demands of the 21st century. Smart grid deployment has focused on the use of smart meters and associated communications network in most countries with the notable exception of China. Demand for smart water meters is expected to be high in countries and regions experiencing water stress such as parts of the Middle East, California etc.

Published September, 2011

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