Gas Deregulation Report

Gas Deregulation Report

Edition 1, 2012

This NRG Expert report provides a worldwide by-country look at the state of deregulation in the natural gas supply industry. It is increasingly apparent that deregulating energy markets is not easy. The path is full of pitfalls and very few countries which have embarked in this course are now where they thought they would be. The gas sector differs from the electricity sector in that not every country produces or uses gas, natural or manufactured, whereas every country generates and uses electricity. This report is includes the 76 countries which are significant producers or significant consumers of natural gas. 49 of these countries produce natural gas and 66 consume it. Some of the producing countries are not significant consumers. The natural gas industry is relatively young compared with the other energy industries, coal, electricity, oil or manufactured gas. There are countries covered in this report which are significant producers but are only beginning to consume gas themselves. A few small consumers rely on shipped LNG requiring no high pressure transmission pipeline systems but only low pressure distribution pipes.

Published August 2012

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